we opened gypsy sole on friday,
october 10th of 2014

we had started the fashion boutique winds of change several years earlier, dedicated to showing every man and woman how to feel confident in their personal wardrobe, and dead set on inspiring creative expression in style.

it was a gamble as much as it was an experiment in stylistic free-thought, and it was a success.

after several years, we decided it was time to take that philosophy to the world of footwear.

Gypsy Sole Models

our story is wrapped up inside our collections

Syracuse Boot

our collection of footwear and premium denim is geared towards those of us whose hearts seek travel, adventure, and love.

gypsy sole is a destination where the mix of designs is constantly and obsessively curated and touched by the hands of artists from all over the globe.


we strive to be a destination on your journey through life, a place for the wandering, the itinerant, the vagabond...

a place where even the most gypsy-at-heart can feel at home and find something to take with them on their journey.

Free People Dark Horse Ankle Boot

come in today to learn more!